About the Author

Chris Duke is a husband, a father, an entrepreneur, a technologist, a baker and a chef. His career has primarily focused in the technology sector, with a broad variety of roles from sales and marketing, to product management, software development, professional services, international business development and a host of others along the way. In virtually all of these roles, Chris has been a writer. In addition to his role in corporate America, Chris has been a founder in five companies, two of which he currently operates today. He has served as a judge in the Duke Startup Challenge, a mentor in the Melissa and Doug Entrepreneurs program and speaks to civic and educational groups about business and entrepreneurship. His first published work, Outside the Oven, is a collection of stories about life and business, looking closely at everyday events and seeking to distill wisdom from the experience. In this book, he shares his insights and perspectives that his readers have found both heart-warming and relevant to their own experience.

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