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I'm from New England and I practice divorce law in Hartford, Connecticut but my true love is writing novels on my farm in rural CT surrounded by my dogs and horses and one lone but brave cat. My books always have dogs, horses, and romance in them as all three are my passions. My novel TELL ME WHEN IT HURTS is about second chances and healing. My novel, THE RAGE OF PLUM BLOSSOMS, is a mystery that is fun and hopefully memorable. It has Archer Loh from Tell Me When It Hurts in a cameo role. The main character is Archer's college roommate, Quinn Jones. it was selected by Kindle Press to be published by Kindle's private press. I have a follow up to THE RAGE OF PLUM BLOSSOMS in progress. Book 3, HEMINGWAY'S DAUGHTER will be available July 15, 2021. Finn Hemingway, fictional daughter of Ernest and Hadley Hemingway, is certain she has been born in the wrong era, into the wrong family, with the wrong talents making her three dreams almost impossible. It's the "almost" impossible that keeps Finn going. Hemingway had 3 sons but longed for a daughter. This is her story. Please keep reading! www.christinewhitehead.com and www.theblogalsorises.com

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