Cindy McIntyre

About the Author

In the new YA romance book, Love at the Center of Grief, Gretchen and Hayden attend the Summerfort Grief Center on the outskirts of Branson, Missouri, to work through the loss of their mothers but fall in love helping each other. Gretchen and Hayden and the cast of characters "nagged" me to keep the story going. I'm busy working on the sequel. The second book in the Summerfort Grief series is under the working title, "Beyond the Center of Grief." More information to come soon. Cindy McIntyre lost her mother at the age of twenty-nine. Grief overwhelmed her, and she discovered writing, "Dear Mom" letters had a profound healing effect. That pain turned into her first book, Eulogies Unspoken: Stories of Worth. Her book takes readers on a journey through grief, faith, and the celebration of overcoming adversity. Along the way, she learned so much about her parents. In the end, she learned even more about herself--perhaps angels appear to grant miracles of faith! After her mother's death, her father turned to her for much of his care and support. For years (1999-2017) she lovingly served as his caregiver. Her second book, Caring for Dad: With Love and Tomatoes, serves up eighteen years of their adventures. Read more here: Cindy continues to use her background in psychology, education, caregiving, and grief in her writing, and as a way to help others. She currently volunteers as a group facilitator at a grief center. She's been an at-risk secondary teacher for over twenty years.

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