Cornelia Scott Cree

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The Bible Explained, NOT Explained Away Cornelia Scott Cree, Essayist, Prophet, Filters modern life, government, culture, politics, education,art, science & history through the Mind of God's word. Her premise? The Bible is the final authority. She forgoes reference to any other voices, except those supporting documents. Serving as a missionary in foreign countries, prisons, and the “devil’s dens,” Ms Cree learned the questions people asked most often, and those answers provided by the Holy Bible. God's written word is forever, but His daily word to you is new every morning. If church doesn’t mean much to you, Cree hopes her writing will. Ms. Cree received a classical undergraduate education at a private school before attending Smith College and Meredith College. After her children left for college, Ms. Cree studied the Bible in the original Greek. She also studied Latin for vocabulary and etymology, French and Chinese. She wrote her Master’s thesis on theological sign language at PTS (Pentecostal Theological Seminary) and worked on her doctorate at the University of South Africa. She taught at a juvenile prison and for several colleges. Cornelia’s blog, (https:/)wwwWouldYouConsider(dot)net, has a 61% male readership. Her goal is to explain God and His words to a generation that is largely ignorant regarding historical Christianity. Subscriptions are free. Ms. Cree’s secular background includes work as a print journalist for a scientific, business and tech newspaper, wallpaper hanger, and counselor to inmates and victims. She ran for public office, passed both her IFR and VFR tests for private airplane pilots, and was even a certified cop. Except for a few years in Texas, and teaching English in the foreign mission fields of China and the Philippines, Ms. Cree has lived most of her adult life in North Carolina. Other articles can be found at( and Pathway Press magazine. Mooresville, North Carolina 2019 桃李

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