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Critical Bench is your Health & Strength Authority since 1999. We believe that you are #STRONGBYDESIGN We believe you were made in God's image to have a strong body, mind, and spirit. CriticalBench began as a muscle and strength website dedicated to helping guys get stronger. We have evolved to help reach more people. We are now a more complete resource for ALL people dedicated to getting stronger mentally, spiritually as well as physically. You are in the drivers seat. YOU are in control of your health, your attitude and your impact on the world. Visit our website for great blog articles and FREE reports! And stay tuned on our Facebook (@criticalbench), Instagram (@thecriticalbench) and Pinterest (@thecriticalbench) and become part of our amazing community of men & women all over the world making real, positive, lasting change in their lives and those within their sphere of influence! Stay strong, keep training hard and may God bless you in all that you do!

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