About the Author

Dalia Daudelin writes dirty, and she knows that's exactly how you like it. Dalia was rebellious as a teenager, but in a lot of ways she played it safe. While she was running with a bad crowd, she was a prude. All of that changed when she met her husband, Michael Meadows. With a few more years behind her and a lot more experience, Dalia is bringing the naughtiest sexual desires to readers. Sure, reading about BDSM might be safer than acting it out, but that just means she can tease you even harder and inflict even more pain on her characters. It's not just BDSM, either. Dalia has written a huge number of books from many of the hottest kinks out there. During her down time, Dalia likes to play video games like Watch_Dogs, Fallout, and Dragon Age. She also enjoys television shows like The X Files, Blacklist, Portlandia and Supernatural. ♥ Website: midnightclimaxpublishing.com ♥ Twitter: twitter.com/daliadaudelin IMPORTANT NOTE TO READERS: Many erotica and erotic romance titles are now "adult filtered" and will not appear if you search for them from the Amazon main page! When you use the Search function, you need to select "Books" or "Kindle Store" in the drop-down menu in order to show titles which have been "adult filtered." You can also find all my books by visiting this page (my author page) directly.

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