About the Author

“The best secrets are the most twisted.” Sarah Shepard’s quote from ‘Twisted’, best describes author Dänna Wilberg’s quest to unravel life’s mysteries with every keystroke, on every page. Her series, The Red Chair, The Grey Door, and The Black Dress featuring psychotherapist Grace Simms, pose the question: “What do we really know about a person?” Dänna’s paranormal Borrowed Time series about a woman who acquires a psychic gift after a near-death experience, is filled with gems from Dänna’s experience producing and hosting TV show “Paranormal Connection” for over fifteen years. Her background as an award-winning script-writer and film-maker further add to the magic of her storytelling. Wilberg resides in Northern California with her family. She loves her children, grandchildren, traveling the world, and karaoke. She loves to dance, cook, make short films, dabble in her garden, and great music. Her mantra is reach for the stars. For more: dannawilberg.com

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