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As a Kentuckian, I was naturally drawn to folk, bluegrass and old-time music, playing guitar and banjo all of my life. After my children were grown, I dove back into old-time music and discovered the opportunity to play for weekly contra dances. This "service music" has always been at the heart of American acoustic music, whether at country square dances, house dances, or front porch picking. The ensemble nature of old-time music, where nearly everyone plays the melody at the same time, creates a groove where the rhythm pulls you along and provides the drive for the dancers. In short, it's great fun. I have also been a teacher much of my life, so helping others learn to play tunes on an instrument has been a natural path for me. Writing tablature for clawhammer banjo is just one expression of my desire to share the joy of making music. I have taught banjo for Kentucky Music Week in Bardstown, KY, for the past several years. I currently lead a monthly old-time jam in Louisville, and I believe that playing music with others is the key to making progress and developing skills on your instrument. Digital books, or eBooks, offer a new, low-cost way to publish and share knowledge and insights -- even into a type of music that dates back to America's birth.

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