About the Author

Adoniah Enterprises is made up of Dr. Haydee Dabritz and David Lee Crites. We are authors and editors who came together to help get our books published, via Amazon CreateSpace and Kindle. Dr. Haydee Dabritz is a long-time member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the LDS Church). She earned a PhD in Epidemiology at the University of California-Davis. She works for a county health department, at least until her authorship activities make it difficult to keep that up. She has four grown children and two grandchildren. She currently has a residence in the greater Sacramento, CA area and the Pensacola, FL area. David Lee Crites is the "dad unit" to twelve wonderful kids (six of his and their respective spouses) and nine grand-kiddies. When folks ask him "what he does," his answer is "I am an author." Because, thanks to Amazon and CreateSpace, he is! He is a libertarian (much moreso that most of the folks who use the capitalized version of the word), and believes in the natural rights of the individual. That comes out in all of his writing, whether he wants it to or not. He is a member of a conservative Christian church: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Those values also come through in his writing. Between Haydee and David Lee, we have four currently published books, and three more in process.

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