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Welcome to my page. I'm licensed by the U.S. Coast Guard as Master of any type of private or commercial vessel on all waters of the world. In addition to driving sailing vessels of all sizes I teach navigation, seamanship, sailing, and boating safety- most recently at a maritime charter school and at sea to merchant marine academy cadets. The US Coast Guard includes my book "Dockmanship" in its reference library for deck officers. In between Atlantic crossings under sail and steam, I've worked to conserve and protect the marine environment- as director of a conservation and education program, head of a statewide environmental coalition, environmental educator, advocate/fund raiser for environmental education and restoration projects, volunteer Streamkeeper, and Master Watershed Steward. I also enjoy visiting schools to talk with children about writing and ecology. Thanks to my publishers: Landfall Navigation for "The Celestial Navigation Mystery: Solved" and Schiffer for the others. I've also written for Cruising World, The Mariner, Offshore, Oceans, Sailing, Maritime Professional, and WoodenBoat. Thanks for visiting.

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