David Schneider

About the Author

David Schneider is an everyman. A native of Monona, Wisconsin and a graduate of the University of Wisconsin, he put himself through school by entertaining, singing and playing guitar at area pubs and resorts. He was a popular wedding singer, and Mr. Schneider reports that it was a great way to earn money while in school-This experience turned into the the subject of his first book. An avid SCUBA diver, sailor, sportsman, he now resides in Florida, helps save whales in his spare time, and still enjoys getting on stage whenever he can. And he lives to travel, exemplified by his second book, Cindy and David's Excellent Traveling Adventures and other Tales. Swamp Rocket, Mr. Schneider's Miami Herald/Keysnews story exploring an old NASA moon rocket facility in the Everglades, won plaudits, as well as have several magazine articles about his beloved family lake cabin. His third book and first novel, An Extraordinary Nuclear Occurrence was the product of years of research as well as commuting U.S.1 between the Florida Keys and mainland Miami. Now dividing his time between Florida and the great northwoods of Wisconsin, David is the father of two and just celebrated his fourth grandchild. Photo credit: Robin Buckley

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