About the Author

Diana has been tutoring pre-school children for several years. To support their reading journey, keep them motivated and make learning fun, she produced many games, worksheets and exciting activities. One of the most successful activities was the Personalized Sight Word Stories. These were born out of her desire to ensure that her preschoolers could recall the Sight Words that they had learned, within the context of everyday reading. She created hand drawn stories for each child, featuring their friends, family members and pets, and using only the Sight Words the child had already learned. Though time-consuming, this was a big hit with the children, who loved pointing out the pictures of themselves and their parents in the book! Diana witnessed a huge boost in the confidence of the children once they were able to read their own stories. Additionally it gave them an opportunity to practice their Sight Words repeatedly by reading short stories instead of reading flash cards. The success of the Sight Word Stories with her own students led Diana to produce "Sight Word Adventures with Jay and Kay" which introduced 72 Sight Words, and more recently "Sight Word Mania" which introduces over 100 Sight Words.

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