Dorota Bojewska

About the Author

Dorota Bojewska is an English teacher, an author of books and courses for effective learning of English for beginners “Hello — Fast English” and the creator of the e-learning website “Hello — Rozmówki Angielskie Online “ She helps adults learn English quickly and effectively. Over 25 years of teaching thousands of students: individually, in groups, in schools, in group classes and testing various learning methods in theory and practice from traditional to the most innovative ones, using hundreds of textbooks and additional materials gave her knowledge of what works and what does not in teaching English. They also allowed her to discover the most effective methods that make the learning process easy and produce instant results. She believes that anyone can learn a foreign language. Opinions such as “English is difficult”, “I don't have the ability to learn languages” are just negative beliefs that have nothing to do with reality. If, despite the attempts so far, you have not managed to understand English and learn it at a level that satisfies you, it is not your fault, but only the fault of an ineffective method of learning. Now she shares her knowledge gained over the years to be able to offer you solutions that bring great results. That is why she created books and courses based on an innovative, effective method, which is based on teaching only practical words, phrases and expressions that allow free communication in English in everyday situations. Her students have succeeded and learned English, and now they are reaping the fruits of their learning every day. A new, well-paid job, high professional qualifications, satisfaction and self-confidence are just some results of knowledge of English mastered thanks to “Hello — Fast English”. Start today — choose a book, the course “Hello — Fast English” best for you.

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