About the Author

Edmond Gagnon grew up in Windsor, Ontario, where he worked as a police officer for over thirty-one years. Upon retiring, Ed traveled the world for two years, visiting exotic places in Southeast Asia, Mexico and South America. He rode his Harley Davidson all over Canada and the United States. Those travels became his muse and Ed wrote his first book called, A Casual Traveler. To share his many police stories, Edmond Gagnon started the Norm Strom Crime Series with his book, Rat. The series continues with Bloody Friday, Torch, Finding Hope, Border City Chronicles and Trafficking Chen. Ed also has the Abigail Brown Crime Series, with Moon Mask and The Millionaire Murders. The Detroit Homicide Cop, Brown, is introduced by Norm Strom in the last story of Border City Chronicles. Moon Mask is the sequel to Finding Hope. And Ed wrote a paranormal thriller called, Four. Ed and his wife Cathryn continue to travel the world and share their adventures, posting reviews on other books, food, movies and travel. The blog is on Edmond Gagnon's website @ www.edmondgagnon.com

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