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Q&A: A book with mostly theosophical Q&A, published in 2011, after several meetings with his readers. HOW TO: Two remarkable books on Masonic Etiquette. Born in Transylvania in a well-known family with roots going back centuries, all the way to 1204, as one of the founders of the 'Despotate of Epirus,' the author has been drawn to the Ancient Esoteric Teachings since childhood. He learned and practiced by himself what he could grasp from a diverse, sometimes disparate, yet highly controversial range of masters as Helena P Blavatsky, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Rudolf Steiner, Annie Besant and even Piet Mondrian, the great Dutch painter. Eventually Eugene Matzota’s own writings were published and dully noticed - since 1997 he has been accepted as a full member of the International Theosophical Society, India. During the past 20 years, he has published a number of four books on Theosophy and he is now busy at work on what he believes is his most important contribution. BOOKS 1995 - "DTP Guide"; 1999 - "Theosophy" - First Edition; 2009 - "Theosophy" - Second Edition; 2010 - "The Pain of You" - Love Poems; 2011 - "Ask, it Shall be Answered!" - Q&A about Life, Universe, People; 2012 - "Aromanians History in Data"; 2013 - "Masonic Etiquette Code"; 2015 - "Masonry, my Discreet Life"; 2015 - "Masonic Etiquette In the New Millennium"; 2016 - "Romanians Vs. Aromanians?" 2016 - "Theosophy" - Third Edition; 2016 - "Aromanians, our Brethren that Perish" 2017 - "Theosophy, The Final Answer" 2018 - "The Vanishing Aromanian" 2018 - "The Blue of You" 2019 - "New Millennium Masonic Etiquette" 2020 - ”The Third Key” MAGAZINES 1990 - Founder of the weekly magazine ”Good Morning” 2017 - Founder of the monthly cultural magazine "ALTculture".

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