About the Author

GL Skye, a retired warrant officer, writes stories that blend fiction and reality together to produce a book that seems like it could be front-page news. His military experience has led him around the world, interacting with people from other nations and cultures. His expertise in geography and earth science has served him well in his military service. Now, that experience helps him in his writing. His books depict his unique blend of writing. Skye enjoyed a successful and rewarding military career. He deployed in support of Desert Shield and Desert Storm, KFOR (Kosovo), Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom as well as other Peacekeeping and Humanitarian operations. He has done a lot of traveling. Some of his travels were in support of the United States while he was in the Army but he has traveled for leisure as well. While he enjoys traveling he also enjoys being home. He currently resides in south-central Kentucky where he continues his love of geology and geospatial sciences, with his wife, Angela and their dog, Onyx. He has three children and two granddaughters. He is a member of the GIS Certification Institute (GISP), VFW(Life Member), PnPAuthors and Cold Coffee Club.

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