About the Author

George Tsitsonis is a Greek-American writer who has been a freelance soccer/football journalist since 2002. Tsitsonis has written for a number of different outlets including FourFourTwo, various FIFA publications, and most recently AGONAsport.com. His focus has traditionally been on covering Greek soccer and smaller nations away from the bright lights. In 2017, Tsitsonis began researching Greece's EURO 2004 win which culminated in his first book, 'Achieving The Impossible - The Remarkable Story of Greece's EURO 2004 Victory.' 'Achieving The Impossible' was released by Fair Play Publishing in June 2020. While maintaining a great interest in writing about 'the beautiful game', Tsitsonis is currently working on a fictional story based on the Greek-American experience. This first fictional work will focus on love, family, and cultural identity from the Greek-American and Greek perspectives. This project is slated for completion in 2022. George lives in Walpole, NH, USA with his wife Sheila and their two children. For more updates, please visit his author page or website, www.georgetsitsonis.com.

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