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About Harriett Ford Ever heard of Ann Landers? I was once considered for her job at the Chicago Sun-Times. It's a mystery how I didn't get hired. However, I did become an investigative reporter/columnist. Do I have stories to tell?!! See my posts at Author/investigative reporter https://harriettford-blog-com.webador.com/ Now I do interviews in my sleep. One recurring dream-conversation is with Chief Speaking Bull. Speaking Bull called me Miss Cracking Wise. I can do that. I also have years of insights that come from spending time with Jesus and leading a Bible study group. I could bore you by a list of awards and honors. Not. I live with one husband (thank God), two small dogs, and a whole host of fascinating characters roaming through my imagination. Chief Speaking Bull is only one of many. I plan to continue sharing the insights I have into the Word of God in my non-fiction books. And in fiction, both wise and entertaining words as long as I dream them up, waking or sleeping. If you don't enjoy at least one of my books, don't tell anyone or your hair may turn purple. My prayer is for all my readers to be blessed and inspired.

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