Hattie Washington

About the Author

Dr. Hattie N. Washington is nationally recognized for her work in the education, foster care, and non-profit arenas. For over 22 years, she served as a tenured Professor at Coppin State University in Baltimore and made history as the University’s first female vice president. She also founded Aunt Hattie’s Place, a home for abused foster boys with special needs, and reared over 100 foster boys in over 22 years, who affectionately called her, "Aunt Hattie". Dr. Washington has been a teacher for over 35 years (in the United States and abroad), a child development specialist, a local and state executive administrator (evaluating principals and superintendents, respectively), a national & international consultant and motivational speaker, and recipient of numerous awards, including, the 2018 Maryland Women’s Commission Hall of Fame Award. As the first-generation college graduate in her family, Dr. Washington is also the mother of two accomplished daughters (a physician and an attorney); a success-story foster son (an IT Specialist), and several other first-generation high school and college graduate foster young men. She Believes in Nurture over Nature regarding these deserving foster children, who don't want a "hand out"; they simple need a "helping hand". Her education includes a Ph.D. from University of Maryland, College Park; and did further postgraduate study at Harvard University, Boston, MA; Glasgow University in Glasgow, Scotland, UK; and Oxford University in London, England, UK.

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