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Hello, welcome to my Amazon Author Page. I am Helen Hollick a USA Today bestselling author. My website is https://helenhollick.net/ where you will find my latest news and how to subscribe to my newsletter. Thank you so much if you were kind enough to click the 'follow' button above. Your support is very much appreciated. Please do consider leaving a review or comment for any or all of my books. About me and my books: I moved from London to Devon in January 2013 (in the snow!) to live in an18th Century farmhouse with thirteen acres of land. I live with my husband, adult daughter and son-in-law, several pets (dogs, cats, hens, geese, four horses, three Exmoor ponies, two pigs) and a few friendly ghosts. I write historical fiction, getting to the nuts and bolts of the 'what might have really happened' story of King Arthur in my PENDRAGON'S BANNER Trilogy. There is no Merlin, no Lancelot, knights in armour, round table or holy grail - just the story of a warlord who has to fight hard for his kingdom and even harder to keep it. Book One - The KINGMAKING Book Two - PENDRAGON'S BANNER Book Three - SHADOW OF THE KING (these are also published in German) 'Helen Hollick has it all! She tells a great story, gets her history right and writes consistently readable books!' (Bernard Cornwell) My Saxon Series - HAROLD THE KING (I AM THE CHOSEN KING is the US title) and its prequel, A HOLLOW CROWN (The FOREVER QUEEN is the US title) tells the story of the twilight years of Anglo-Saxon England immediately before the Norman Conquest. Stripping the Norman propaganda from what we think we know of that most famous date in English history - 1066 and the Battle of Hastings - my novels portray all the honour and dignity that history remembers of its fallen heroes and heroines. With eight other inspiring authors, I am a co-author of 1066 TURNED UPSIDE DOWN, a selection of 'what if alternative' stories about the year 1066. I also contributed a short story about the pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read to a free anthology with the theme of BETRAYAL. To balance the 'serious' books I have my SEA WITCH VOYAGES: pirate-based adventure fantasy. The Voyages are a blend of Sharpe, Hornblower and Indiana Jones all stowed in the one boat. Voyage One - SEA WITCH Voyage Two - PIRATE CODE Voyage Three - BRING IT CLOSE Voyage Four - RIPPLES IN THE SAND Voyage Five - ON THE ACCOUNT Voyage Six - GALLOWS WAKE And a novella short read: WHEN THE MERMAID SINGS - how Jesamiah Acorne became a pirate. This title has received a BRONZE AWARD for the Coffee Pot Book Club Book of the Year Award 2022 Several of my books have been awarded the B.R.A.G Medallion and CHILL WITH A BOOK awards. "In the sexiest pirate contest, Captain Jesamiah Acorne gives Jack Sparrow a run for his money" (Sharon Penman) If you liked the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movies and enjoy a good sailor's yarn, then in the words of author Elizabeth Chadwick "You'll love this to pieces of eight". My latest venture is branching out into the 'cosy mystery' genre with my library assistant 'Jan Christopher Mysteries' series set in the 1970s. The first two being A MIRROR MURDER and A MYSTERY OF MURDER with episode 3 A MISTAKE OF MURDER scheduled for spring 2023. I have two NON-FICTION books: PIRATES TRUTH and TALES, a lighthearted look at the truth and the tales about pirates, published by Amberley Press, and SMUGGLERS IN FACT and FICTION - again exactly what the title says! *** I run several blogs, including one for our village of Chittlehamholt and my own 'Let Us Talk of Many Things'. https://ofhistoryandkings.blogspot.com/ I am a member of the Society of Authors, The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) and the Crime Writers Association (CWA) I enjoy hearing from readers. You can contact me via my website ( or email me on: author AT helenhollick DOT net ) 'Lege Feliciter' (read happily) Helen

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