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Huni Hunfjord is the founder of Focus Gym ❤❤ Walk the Talk, creator of the Watchon Indicator brand, senior managing director at IcyDesign ehf. He is the author of “Top 1% Parents Raise Top 1% Children”, "Our Road without Boundaries", “Sleeping Habits and Routines” and “The Mentorian”. He is a coach, serial entrepreneur, brother, son and a father. Huni has always been fascinated by the human mind and human behaviors. He first started in the computer industry only 8 years old and he had finished programming his first computer game in the old DOS PC operating system. Computers are easy because they do just what they are told, no less and not more, but his fascination with the unpredictability of the human mind captured his imagination early on. After human errors and conflicts during his university studies in computer science he was forced to pick a new major, he choose business administration and management. His obsession with human behavior lead him to that major believe it or not. It took the inexperienced Icelandic foreigner then living in USA about two semesters to master how to interact with the teachers and get good grades without studying at all. The reason he searched for an easy way out, was because he thought that he was dyslexic at the time, because he fell asleep each time he tried to read school books, or any book for that matter. Therefore he felt forced to find ways to create success without reading. By old fashioned human interaction with the teachers and by listening in the classroom he was able to pull his grade from a 1.8 GPA to a 3.1 GPA with ease, staying on the dean's list the rest of his way through the university. It was not until he turned 34 years old, having read only one entire book up until then, when he realized that all the attempts at reading had failed because he was not interested in the topic. The simple truth will set so many of us free. Since then he has read over 30 books each year and is steadily increasing the amount of books he reads. He has spent the last few years learning from some of the best coaches in the world in mindset, marketing and wealth. One of Huni’s most educational journeys of growth, was his years working in a multi-level-marketing company. He learned some hard and valuable lessons there, everything from being annihilated to being embraced and loved. How to deal with rejection and how to turn a no into a yes. Huni’s passion is helping people grow spiritually, mentally and economically. Huni’s greatest feeling is to feel the appreciation of making a difference, true difference, in another person's life. His growth and social media exposure has explode since 2015. He has been referred to as a life changer, a life saver, a serial entrepreneur, a philanthropist, a motivational public figure, a very coachable student and a great coach, any of those he is proud to be called. When Huni starts a new venture, he is often faced with the dilemma like so many entrepreneurs are, he gets impatient and wants more and faster results, which is what makes him a great entrepreneur, he is always seeking ways to increase his productivity and performance, measuring it over and over again, knowing the perfection does not exist but growth does. He knows that as long as you are growing it’s worth it. He is willing to go the extra mile every single time. Huni has been supporting the growth of the Jabez Orphanage in Kenya since 2016 and the number of children they support now has grown from less than 10 to over 35 children in two years now (2018). He has a passion for helping people and you are helping so many people when you support this author through your purchases of his books. Thank you! “Your Growth is My Focus” - Huni Hunfjord

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