Jacqueline Lambert

About the Author

Jacqueline (Jackie) Lambert is an award-winning travel writer, adventure traveller, and dogmother, who loves history and curious facts. B.C. (Before Canines) she hurtled, slid, submerged and threw herself off bits of every continent except Antarctica. Even though she was single at the time, she asked for – and was granted – 'maternity leave' to backpack around Fiji, Australia, and New Zealand. A.D. (After Dog), with husband Mark, she gave up work to become an Adventure Caravanner. With The Fab Four, their four pups in tow, their stated aim is: To Boldly Go Where No Van Has Gone Before. Jackie has published six light-hearted memoirs about her travels since quitting work: Fur Babies in France, Dog on the Rhine, Dogs ‘n’ Dracula, It Never Rains But It Paws, To Hel In A Hound Cart, and Pups on Piste. Her forthcoming books will chronicle her Brexit-busting plan to convert a 24.5-tonne army truck and drive to Mongolia. A keen off piste skier and windsurfer, Jackie is the wordsmith behind her own travel blog, www.WorldWideWalkies.com. She has contributed to several anthologies, and also writes articles and posts for publications such as Eurotunnel Le Shuttle Newsletter and Dog Friendly Magazine. Photographs of the Author; With Kai, her Cavapoo boy Powder skiing Windsurfing (photo courtesy of Karen Bornhoft Photography) Earning some 'serious down time' in Rapid no 18 'Oblivion' on the Zambezi The Fab Four Cavapoos; Lani, Kai, Rosie and Ruby at Corvinilor Castle, Transylvania, Romania Blade, The Vampire Slayer Big Blue and Caravan Kismet crossing the Carpathians on the Transfagarasan With Princess Ruby

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