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I'm a professional sf/f writer, and a Life Member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc. (sfwa.org) I have been one of the first members of EPIC, The Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition, and Backlist eBooks, a group of widely published writers presenting their own previously published work in eBook format. And the world has moved on, accepting e-books. My first novel, House of Zeor, first of the Sime~Gen(R) novels, was published in hardcover in 1974 and remained continually in print for 20 years. Today the series has been picked up by Wildside Press, Borgo imprint, re-issued as both e-book in a wide variety of formats including Kindle, and as Print on Demand and audible.com audiobook. There are now 14 volumes (and counting!) in the Sime~Gen(R) Universe. Loreful LLC (game publisher) is developing a tabletop RPG and episodic videogame. Like Star Trek fandom, Sime~Gen fandom has produced more fanfiction than ever was professionally published -- and RPG's and LARPS and board games, and hand-crafts, and art, and poetry - and even a professionally written and recorded song. My works in other universes are likewise coming in new formats, and brand new novels will be added through Wildside Press. Watch for audiobook versions via audible.com which will appear on Amazon. The first of my novels to be recorded as an audiobook is Molt Brother, which has a direct sequel City of a Million Legends. Both those are newly available as e-books on Kindle and other formats, as well as in paper. A vampire-romance, Those of My Blood and its sequel Dreamspy are available in paper again, at regular not collector's prices, right here on Amazon. After selling several Sime~Gen novels to hardcover, I was joined by Jean Lorrah (author of many Trek novels, as well as her own series of fantasy novels, Savage Empire). Jean's first novel was our Sime~Gen collaboration titled First Channel. We are now co-owners of Sime~Gen Inc. which owns simegen.com I'm the originator of the term Intimate Adventure, quoted in Publisher's Weekly. All my novels belong to the Intimate Adventure genre, as do those of Jean Lorrah. I was the sf/f book reviewer for The Monthly Aspectarian for 20 years and my column is archived on simegen.com/reviews/. There you'll find a link to an article showing the Star Trek Connection behind everything to do with Sime~Gen and simegen.com. The first two columns have an in-depth definition of Intimate Adventure with examples by many authors across many fields. Intimate Adventure is the Hidden Genre -- everyone loves it, nobody (especially publishers) knows it exists. Here are 3 YouTube video interviews with me, and one of Jean Lorrah herself about Sime~Gen set up in a playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvKl93VPL_oNqBOLhYYQeFTwn5QMljHjV You'll find links to all my online projects on my personal page, simegen.com/jl/ or select information about currently available novels on jacquelinelichtenberg.com

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