About the Author

Jaken is a full-stack software engineer specializing in the ASP.NET framework in both Visual Basic and C#. Jaken also works on Mobile Application development using many different frameworks including Xamarin.Forms, Apache Cordova, and Ionic. Jaken is well-versed in JavaScript and many of it's popular libraries and frameworks including React and Angular. In his free time, Jaken enjoys playing a round of golf and home-brewing beer. Jaken attended and graduated from Sam Houston State University with a B.S. in Computer Science with a focus in Software Engineering. Out of university, Jaken landed a software engineering job at Athena Engineering Services, then moved on to a position at NASA's Johnson Space Center working as a software engineer for KBR Government Solutions. While not having professional game development experience, Jaken does have academic as well as hobbyist experience in the game development space. Jaken is an avid believer in improving your technical tool belt by continuing to learn and experiment with new technologies and processes.

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