About the Author

Jason Morgan (PhD, History) is a researcher and author based in Chiba, Japan. Morgan studies Japanese and American history and politics, Japanese law, legal history and philosophy, political history, and the philosophy of the human person. Morgan's work has appeared in JAPAN Forward, New Oxford Review, Chronicles, Seiron, The Remnant, the Sankei Shimbun, Modern Age, Logos, the Michigan Historical Review, Libertarian Papers, Reitaku University Journal, Human Life Review, Society, Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, Public Discourse, Crisis, the Fellowship of Catholic Studies Quarterly, the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, Studia Gilsoniana, Ethika Politika, Reitaku Review, Historical Awareness Research, Mises Wire, The American Conservative, and the Quarterly Report of the Japan Forum for Strategic Studies. Morgan is a veteran translator, and has also appeared on television, radio, and video programs in Japan and the US.

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