Javier Esteban González Andújar

About the Author

Today I let my barbaric fantasies ride free on the black back of the terrible ink beasts, thrown by force of teeth, iron, suspense and claws; to conquer the snowy steppes in the untold Fictional Empire. Writer and editor by night, computer data specialist by day. He has incomplete studies in Aeronautical Engineering at the UTN and a Bachelor's Degree in Systems at the CAECE University. He has written professionally since 2006. He founded the Finales Cerrados publishing label in 2012. His texts were awarded in 25 literary competitions in Argentina, Cuba, USA, Spain, Mexico, Switzerland and Uruguay, among which are: • Platero Award - Honorable Mention (UN Spanish Book Club, Switzerland, 2009). • City of Buenos Aires Award - Honorable Mention (Fundación El Libro, Argentina, 2009). • I International Short Story Contest Caños Dorados - 1st Prize (Spain, 2010). • Miguel Hernández Award - 1st Prize (Argentina, 2011). • II Short Story Contest Colombre - 1st Prize (Spain, 2015). His writings were published in 18 books by publishers in Argentina, the United States, Spain and Mexico, highlighting: • Antemeridiano (Finales Cerrados, Argentina, 2012; 2015). • The biographer (Colombre, Spain, 2016). • Stories and myths of neighborhoods in Buenos Aires (Fundación El Libro, Argentina, 2009). • The impossible burials (Stomberg, Spain, 2009). • Worlds in Darkness (Galmort, Argentina, 2009). Complete list of awards: http://finalescerrados.com/p/premios.html. Complete list of books: http://finalescerrados.com/p/libros.html.

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