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Originally from the flatlands and big skies of rural Norfolk in eastern England, Jay Artale is a British Expat who swapped corporate life in Los Angeles for a location independent lifestyle. She runs the Birds of a Feather Indie Author Press for authors and writers with an independent spirit. Jay writes travel guides and non-fiction books about travel writing and travel blogging, and helps other authors self-publish their print and ebooks. If you're a travel blogger who has published a travel related book, why not get in touch to take part in her ongoing author interview series. Your insights and knowledge could help another indie author achieve their goal of self-publishing, and it's that collaborative spirit that being an Indie is all about (it's also a great way to showcase your book). Website: birdsofafeatherpress.com Blog: rovingjay.com Travel Blog: bodrumpeninsulatravelguide.co.uk Twitter: @BirdsOAFpress

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