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Jayson Del Orbe Santana is a Dominican writer and poet of science fiction, suspense and youth literature; known for having a particular narrative style, mixing irony, postmodern tendencies, and metanarrative. He is also known as "The Boy of Metaphors". "Since I can remember I have loved telling stories. I remember perfectly how adults marveled when they heard my occurrences. Today, I am not that different. " "My name is Jayson Del Orbe, and I am the Boy of Metaphors. A philosopher writer, lover of art and music, whose greatest talent is to share“ metaphors ”. That is what you will find here, on my social networks, and in my books Metaphors. "I also want to create a community that shares my interests. People who also have more roots than branches. More roots than branches? Well, that they are more than what one can simply see with the eyes. I am quite convinced that if you are here, you are. "Thank you for being part of this. You are not just another number, you are a soul that joins this community. And if you came here for the books, well, know that each book is a part of myself. A root of my little plant. "... and if you read it, you read me, and that compromises us. Since you become a resident of my universe." ✰✰✰✰✰ In social networks such as: Jayson Del Orbe www.urls.co/jaydelorbe El Chico de las Metáforas www.urls.co/chicometaforas chicometaforas@gmail.com You can sponsor me: www.patreon.com/chicometaforas

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