Jeff Wilser

About the Author

Jeff Wilser is the author of Alexander Hamilton’s Guide to Life. He has written four previous books, including The Good News About What’s Bad For You… and The Bad News About What’s Good For You, which was selected as an Amazon Best Book of the Month in both Non-Fiction and Humor. His writing has appeared in print or online in New York magazine, GQ, Conde Nast Traveler, Glamour, Cosmo, Men’s Fitness, Esquire, mental_floss, MTV, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Comstock’s, The Miami Herald, The Baltimore Sun, Detroit Free Press, and The Huffington Post. The topics? You name it. He has written about US history, health, relationships, film, travel, pop culture, the folly of juice cleanses, hashtags, monks, Game of Thrones, architecture, books, fashion, sneak attacks of World War II, how to pick champagne, the intersection of math and magic, Finland’s school system, and the shortcomings of General Custer. He can’t tan.

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