Jim Kearney

About the Author

Jim Kearney is a former television executive/consultant and retired college instructor. A native New Yorker, Jim studied undergrad with Professor Marshall McLuhan at Fordham University, then took his Master's from the University of Southern California. Early in his career he worked for public broadcaster WNET Thirteen, BBDO advertising agency, and MLB Productions, before moving to Los Angeles. In California, Jim worked in TV development for a studio; wrote for Jeopardy; managed programming for a cable MSO, and consulted to the networks. Industry insiders from the 1990’s remember his weekly half-hour in-depth interviews with leading TV writer-producers and executives on L.A. public radio. He also taught generations of college students at Loyola Marymount University and elsewhere, bringing many top professionals into class to discuss their techniques for entertaining audiences. Jim has also written about TV and other media for The Hollywood Reporter, PJMedia.com, Ricochet.com and TVCriticism.com. Mr. Kearney had three paperback novels published when he was in his twenties, including one which sold over 100,000 copies. His "Red vs. Blue" mystery/thriller (2012) received favorable Amazon reviews. In it, NYPD Detective Mack McCormick pursues a sniper and unravels a conspiracy, looks after his indefatigable grandmother-about-town, and pursues romance in a social milieu wary of police detectives.

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