About the Author

Jo Ann Glim was born in Chicago, Illinois to a military family and raised in Anacortes, Washington in the far reaches of the Pacific Northwest. It was an ideal place to raise a precocious child, especially one that's inquisitive and daring. Tragically, her mother passed away from a stroke when Glim was fourteen. This was the beginning of a life-path plotted with many dark events. In her own words, "instead of consuming me, they made me stronger, and I'm here to tell you, darkness can be replaced with light." Glim's three-pronged career of broadcast and print media, freelance writing, and business management formed her into the indie author she is today. Her books, the award-winning "Begotten With Love" (First Place Biography with the Florida Writers Association Royal Palm Literary awards, and her newest release "Trapped Within," are both non-fiction, life stories filled with challenges, hope, and humor. Both books are available in print and eBook and "Trapped Within" is now available in audiobook form, as narrated by Melinda Wade. Glim lives in Florida with her husband, Bill, and their Scottish terrier, Lucy. Her passions are writing, photography, and travel, handbells, hiking trails, and life itself.

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