About the Author

John is a poet and prose writer. The poetic road for John Kaniecki is a long and arduous road. Presently John has seven poetry books out with more lurking in the shadows. His poetry has appeared in over one hundred outlets, and in 2012 he won the coveted Joe Hill Labor Poetry Prize. John is an old school poet. He believes in rhyming, rhythm and other poetic techniques. A poem should burst with meaning. If you are looking for ambiguous free verse lacking substance than I suggest that you visit some irrelevant voice. John's poetry has been shaped by the life that he lived. Raised in an abusive atmosphere John was committed to a psychiatric hospital at the age of twenty. This traumatic experience had a profound effect on John. As life went on, John saw life from many angles, through the eyes of the poor, oppressed and disenfranchised. John could not only relate to the underdog, but he took it upon himself to be their champion through poetic verse. He is the 'Poet to the Poor.' John prides himself on his uniqueness in his writing. He doesn't copy the masters, but he has learned from them and adapted their technique into a unique and powerful form. Though time will tell John has hopes that his words will be immortal. In John's poetry, you will find the great and the small, the ordinary and the extraordinary and that family feel that no matter whom large or small we share our common humanity. As far as prose goes John prides himself on being unique and different. He has ventured into the worlds of science fiction, horror, and fantasy. John’s stories are extremely entertaining. Above all is the call of Jesus Christ to Love one another. John rejects the artificial Jesus who hates the poor and embraces war. But instead, John is a disciple of the radical Jesus who overturned the money changers' table in the temple and taught us to Love even our enemy, the Jesus who gave it all up to die for our sins on the cross. Take a ride of a lifetime through the thoughtful words and clever phrases of John's poetry; you will be thrilled.

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