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Writer, Actor, Producer, Veteran, Adventurer, Model, 5th Degree Black Belt Ninja, CrossFitter, GORUCK Tough, Cartoonist, Husband, Father...these are just a few of the things that I love doing throughout the course of my 47 years. Writing to me means giving my readers & fans one helluva thrill ride. And I hope you agree when you read my work that they're a blast. Here's a quick run-down of my published work... THE LAWSON VAMPIRE SERIES Let's face it: there are a LOT of vampire series out there. But none of them are like Lawson. My vampires aren't undead; they're a living race that has evolved in secret alongside humanity for generations. Lawson works as a Fixer - it's his job to keep the existence of his race a secret and he does this by eliminating anything or anyone that threatens to expose that secret. He's cynical, jaded, sarcastic, and conflicted. He's also extremely lethal. I happen to think you'll like him. A LOT. The series is always expanding, with over 30 adventures to-date! OTHER NOVELS Here are just a few of the other things I've written. PARALLAX, VICARIOUS, DANGER-CLOSE, SHADOW CHASER, PREY, ZOMBIE RYU, The Shadow Warrior Series for Baen Books, and many others. Not shown here are the eleven installments I wrote in the international bestselling series ROGUE ANGEL for Harlequin/Gold Eagle. If you buy a Rogue Angel novel, check the copyright page and if says "Thanks to Jon F. Merz for his/her contribution to this work," it means I wrote the whole thing. CONNECT WITH ME: Facebook.com/jonfmerzfans Instagram.com/jonfmerzofficial That's about it in a nutshell. Make sure you sign up for my FREE newsletter at http://www.jonfmerz.net and I hope you have a great time reading my work. Don't forget to stay in touch!

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