About the Author

José Luis Orihuela is PhD in Communication and MA in Journalism. Professor of Multimedia Communication and Transmedia Narrative at the School of Communication and Board Member at Center for Internet Studies and Digital Life, University of Navarra (Pamplona, Spain). Visiting professor and speaker in 26 countries. Writer and blogger focused on the impact of internet on media, enterprise and education. Author: Manual breve de Mastodon (2023), Culturas digitales (2021), Los medios después de internet (2015), Mundo Twitter (2011), 80 claves sobre el futuro del periodismo (2011) and La revolución de los blogs (2006). Editor of the blog eCuaderno.com (since 2002), active user of Twitter, Instagram and Medium (@jlori) and Mastodon (@jlori@mastodon.social).

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