About the Author

Juan David Campolargo could easily be described as a Renaissance man. He was originally born and raised in Venezuela and moved to Chicago when he was 14. When he first arrived in the U.S., he knew no English but mastered it in less than six months. Just a year after learning the language, he started taking college-level and honors classes. The Naperville resident speaks four languages (Spanish, English, Portuguese, and Chinese), founded the digital market agency Optimum Smart, manages a small hedge fund under the name Campolargo Holdings, serves on Naperville’s Downtown Advisory Committee, and contributes to the nonprofit Panas en Chicago, which provides assistance to Venezuelan immigrants. He is constantly looking for new opportunities to help others. Juan David was compelled to write this book after reading an article about how his generation (Gen Z) and millennials are the most pessimistic in the history of mankind. He knew he had to take action and researched the best way to make an impact. Juan David began writing this book to inspire the next generation to embrace a worldview of optimism. When he’s not pursuing an opportunity or a crazy challenge (like building/designing underwater objects), he’s playing soccer, running, volunteering at the Museum of Science and Industry, or learning about science at America's particle physics and accelerator laboratory. He’s always looking for things to do, challenges to overcome, and successes to achieve. For more information, you can connect with Juan David on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter at @jdcampolargo.

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