About the Author

K.C. Ale’s imagination first took root not long after college when she was working full time for a down-and-going company, and after a whopping five months, she told her boss to take the reeking job and hit delete. (Isn’t that what every heroine in her early 20’s would do when faced with a tyrannical boss?) She had no idea she would not find another job for six months! With no paycheck, no life (see previous point), and no boyfriend, her logical mind packed up and deserted her. Characters stole its place and began to form and personified, high-jacking her days into the early mornings until every forgotten breath revolved around a chapter. Years later, she’s still writing and loving every hair-yanking moment. K.C. lives in Los Angeles with her son, a humbling reminder that she’s a mom first, so no more quitting on a whim. Contact K.C. Ale at www.kcalebooks.com.

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