Kaja Sadowski

About the Author

Kaja Sadowski has been a physical instructor since 2004. They taught figure skating, climbing, and mountaineering before coming to martial arts in 2010. They are a co-owner and coach at Valkyrie Western Martial Arts Assembly and have taught workshops across Canada, the US, and the UK. Kaja's core martial art is historical swordplay, with a focus on sword in one hand, sword in two hands, dagger, and two swords. They also teach unarmed striking, knife combat, and self defense. Kaja worked with the Vancouver Police Department's Force Options Training Unit from 2015-2020, participating in realistic tactical scenarios and guest teaching for the Special Municipal Constable program. They hold an MA in English Literature, and did their graduate work on medieval chivalric romance. They have taught at the undergraduate level in literature, history, and medieval studies. Kaja lives in Vancouver, Canada. Along with teaching at Valkyrie WMAA, they offer coaching and consulting for fellow instructors through their website, kajaswords.com. When they're not fighting people for fun, they enjoy embroidery, board games, and weightlifting.

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