About the Author

Kathy lives in the San Joaquin Valley, the agricultural hub of the nation, in Central California -- where she shares her life with her husband and furry family. She finds inspiration for her novels, short stories, and poems from her family, her past jobs, her life's experiences and from the furry loved ones who share her world. Much of Kathy's work reflects her enthusiasm for the magic of music, the enchantment of the Earth and the beauty of all creatures dwelling in our midst. She writes to reach the reader's heart and mind and make a difference. The author has been writing since her youth; five decades and counting. She has been a student of the martial arts; and while attending university studied anthropology, mythology and folklore. Kathy has six published books. She is also a contributing author for the highly acclaimed book: Inspiring Generations: 150 Years, 150 Stories in Yosemite - published May 13, 2014. In addition, some of her stories are featured in other various well-known anthologies. Her award-winning poetry and short stories have been featured in online publications and traditional hard-copy print such as newspapers, books and magazines. Retired, Kathy is now able to pursue her interests in writing, music, reading and the love of animals. This biography was provided by the author or their representative.

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