About the Author

Kenneth I Laws II has been on a spiritual path after a series of life-altering events in 2013, and has spent his time trying to understand the unexplained, his awakening. Through his search for answers, he has come to understand the true meaning of "oneness", as well as divine events designed to elevate the mind above the ego-driven, fear-based life. Kenneth has come to accept that part of his mission and gift is to write; write about love, forgiveness, and kindness. His first book, 365 Goodness Abounds, in which he is a contributing author, was only the beginning. His contributions can be found in the book Inspirations, 101 Uplifting Stories for Daily Happiness and 365 Soulful messages: The right guidance at the right time and Manifestations: True Stories Of Bringing The Imagined Into Reality, and now Grateful Souls: The Art and Practice of Gratitude.

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