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Kevin Ure is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, since 2016. As a composer and theorist, he has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in music theory and ear training. Courses taught include Counterpoint, Schenkerian Analysis, 20th/21st Century Music, Form and Analysis, Musicianship I and II, Beginning Music Theory, and Music Fundamentals. Ure holds music composition degrees from The University of Nevada, Las Vegas (BM) and The University of Arizona (MM). He also studied electronic music composition at Western Michigan University. The composer uses the overtone series as a basis to create a brand of tonality that embraces chromaticism and attempts to expand upon many of the concepts employed in traditional tonality. As a composer, he has also released two recordings of his music, The Beast of Gevaudan (2003) and Soliloquy (2009). He is also the author of music theory and ear training textbooks, including The Musical Core: Essential Theory and Aural Training for Musicians, which is used by music fundamentals courses across the country, including The University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Kevin founded UreMusic.com in 1996, where he continues to teach private music composition lessons online. His music and additional information is available through KevinUre.com, iTunes, Amazon, and SoundCloud.

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