About the Author

Greetings! I am Kevin Hunt, an author, writer, blogger, historian, speaker, veteran Scouter and camp director. I very much enjoy writing and sharing the material with others. I've been writing for several years - mostly in the area of Scouting and youth leadership. I also publish Family Heritage books on various ancestral lines. Much of what I write comes from 48 years plus of keeping a daily journal. In the journals, I have a great library of data that was recorded as it happened. I enjoy many hobbies including carving walking sticks, family history research, record keeping, and indexing, Dutch oven cooking, camping, cooking and catering, event planning, and everything Scouting. I am married with nine children and 41 grandchildren. I enjoy planning and staging gatherings of all kinds for family and friends. Many of my Scouting books are available on Amazon. A multitude of other books are available at Lulu.com (under an author search by my name of Kevin V Hunt). I live in Maricopa, Arizona with my wife, Lou. We have 9 children and 41 grandchildren! Authored books include: "Writing the Journal of Your Life", "Mr. Scoutmaster", "Gnubie to Eagle Scout", "Christmas Reflections - 30 Years of Song and Verse", "Peter the Apostle - Bold and Committed", "The Immortal Dean Hunt - 65th Birthday Commemorative Edition", "Dean!", "Christmas Is ... A Christmas Musical Cantata", "Eternally Yours", "Expressions of my Gratitude" and many more.

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