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I am a retired Navy Submarine Master Chief with 25 years serving our country. I started preparing taxes for one of the big companies almost 20 years ago and have spent a TON of time doing tax research and tax writing. I have since moved out on my own in preparing taxes and formed STG Tax LLC. You can reach out at stgtax.com. One of the most frustrating things about tax books is that they seem to be written based on the way the IRS writes, and not the way people's lives happen. That was the motivation for Everyday Taxes! Now facetiously called The Best Tax Book Nobody Buys. I started writing fiction as a part of National Novel Writing Month (which I also used as an example to teach Goal Setting while in the Navy). I have written three novels, and finally published one, based on a promise that I made that if I never got it edited perfectly, that I would publish it with the title of Kirk's First Crappy Nano Book. It is actually eminently readable. I also write a tax blog: (stgtax.com (which is where you can inquire about tax preparation services) and a stalker blog based on Chef Sean Brock's cookbook, Heritage. If you don't know who Sean Brock is - get to know him - he's a genius. The stalker blog is oxandbrock.blogspot.com and is basically a Julie and Julia ripoff where we do every recipe from the Heritage cookbook. This is a pretty daunting task because the book has some INSANE recipes, including roasting a whole pig (which we did!) Anyway, enjoy my writing, and buy my books! Everyday Taxes is the best tax book nobody's buying!

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