Kirsty-Anne Still

About the Author

Kirsty-Anne Still is the writer of angsty and dark (and sometimes both) romance. She got lost in writing during her last years of school and eventually got pulled into the publishing industry during university, forfeiting her idea of being a teacher for writing, and eventually designing. Kirsty is an author and book cover designer from England who will probably make one too many sarcastic comments in her life, preaches positive affirmations a lot, and believes it’s a bad day rather than a bad life. Book Kirsty’s written to date: -Heroine Hearts -Sweet Venom The Pericolo Series: -Femme Fatale (#1) -Maverick (#1.5) -Femme Fatale Reloaded (#2) -Femme Fatale Loved (#3) -Femme Fatale Finale (#4) -Trigger (Standalone)

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