Kitty Boyes

About the Author

Writing her novels from the coast of Western Australia, Kitty's first book earned the Gold Seal of Quality and achieved a Finalist Badge in the 2017 Indie Awards from McGrath House. Kitty's Arina Perry Series covers several genres, giving the reader a multitude of reading experiences along with nail-biting life threatening events in the life of Arina Perry. Beginning with ... ROMANCE/MYSTERY: 'Her Mother's Sins' - A New Love- An Ultimate Deceit MYSTERY/SUSPENSE: 'Her Father's Daughter - A Murdered Man -A Missing Girl SUSPENSE/THRILLER: 'Her Brother's Keeper' - A Kidnapped Child - A Dead Lawyer THRILLER/PARANORMAL: 'Her Grandma's Ghosts'- A Cold Case - The Paranormal SUSPENSE/PARANORMAL: 'Her Husband's Honour' - A Brutal Murder- An Innocent Man MYSTERY/PARANORMAL 'Her Son's Promise' - A Stalker - A Missing Family OUT SOON! Her goals are simple; to keep writing her page turning mystery suspense novels for her readers, fit in a renovation job here and there and never step on a bee again.

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