About the Author

Klaus Elk graduated as MSc. in Electronics in 1984 with a thesis on Digital Signal Processing. There was no 'IT' branch in engineering back then, so he gained most of his knowledge in embedded software and real-time kernels as on-the-job training in the following years - starting with Mobile Phones at 'Storno' which later became part of GE. Klaus was the sole SW-developer on the Dantec 'Cantata' - an instrument that measures on muscles and nerves. He took a bachelor in Marketing but stayed in R&D instead of moving to the 'dark side'. Going back into Telecom he worked with SDH at NKT Elektronik and later with creating a TCP Offload Engine at IPBlaze. For 20+ years he worked at Brüel & Kjær Sound & Vibration, as R&D Manager for Instrumentation. For a while he was CTO at Lithium Balance - part of Sensata. Today, Klaus is R&D Manager at GN Resound - developing hearings aids and accessories. In parallel with some of the above, Klaus Elk taught OOP and TCP/IP Networks at the Danish Technical University for 10 years.

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