L.A. Grainger-Brown

About the Author

Lucas writes short and long fiction about outsiders, fringe-dwellers and the other. He tries not to self-censor in depicting them. He has no particular genre. He aims to find interesting ways into complex human beings and their crises. Lucas left the Defence Force awhile back. One thing he learned wandering around with a pack on his back is how important it is to fill up that huge expanse inside with what matters. Boredom is a form of loneliness; the product of every thought echoing back unanswered and unexamined. This is one reason why he writes. Upcoming project: a historical-fantasy reimagining of the Spartan Agoge. Contact: Lucas on his website, thedailycatcher.net, to talk about anything writing-related. He especially welcomes feedback on his pieces that have escaped into the wild.

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