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About Lara Love I am a 100% Jewish follower of the Lord Jesus Christ once broken for decades beyond human hope & now overflowing with love, hope, peace, joy, passion, & purpose. Called by God as an evangelist, writer, & encourager, my life calling is to help people be totally devoted Jesus followers and to experience & enjoy a forever intimate relationship with God. I am on the road for Jesus with my special needs ministry dogs writing & doing streets & beach ministry. For years prior I did dog rescue work. I cordially invite you to visit my ministry online & sign up for my free Good News Daily Devotional by email & see my special needs ministry dogs at www.GoodNews.love. You are welcome to get in touch via the following: Lara Love, Good News Ministry Telephone: 843-338-2219 www.goodnews.love lara@goodnews.love

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