Leticia Supple

About the Author

Leticia Mooney (born Leticia Supple, 1980) is an Australian author, born in rural Australia to hardworking and entrepeneurial parents. Describing herself as a "writer since she could hold a pen", Leticia has been working in publishing in some form for most of her career. As entrepreneurial as her parents, she has owned and run a number of companies, most in publishing or communications. After the release of her first book, "Music Journalism 101", which was the first book on the mechanics of rock journalism, Leticia was lauded internationally as a master of music criticism technique. She now works across a broad range of genres, both fiction and nonfiction. ***** Official website: https://leticiamooney.com Join her mailing list: https://biodagar.com/2020/03/join-leticia-mooneys-mailing-list/

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