About the Author

Liz Hartley is the author of two series set in the small town of Eden Beach, California: The Eden Beach Main Street Novels, and The Eden Beach Crime Novels. Liz has worn jewelry and picked up rocks since she was old enough to stand. She was probably fated to spend more than twenty-five years writing about jewelry and gemstones. She has both Graduate Gemologist (GG) and Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain (FGA) diplomas. So it’s no wonder that gemstones and jewelry play a prominent role in her novels. An enthusiastic traveler, Liz has lived and studied in Japan, traveled with gem and mineral enthusiasts to Brazil, journeyed to southern Africa with members of the Los Angeles Zoo (where she was a docent for five years), and made two “grand tours” in Europe. She does not own a TV, but loves movies and will read just about anything that doesn't get out of her way. Her birthstone is diamond; her favorite gemstone is Tsavorite garnet.

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