About the Author

Born in South Dakota, Lori Kane, EdD, moved to Seattle as a young adult where she began as an editor, then became a tech writer, instructional designer, and eventually a researcher studying self-organizing groups and a community story wrangler for her communities. She learned to listen so closely that she eventually learned how to listen to trees, and the trees asked her to move her family to an island, so she did. Today Lori's a Pacific Northwest essayist, poet, author, and coworking and workshop space host. She's an occasional blogger, serious home canner, lazy gardener, Alzheimer's care partner for mom Linda, and a mystery, fantasy, and science fiction enthusiast. She lives on Whidbey Island, Washington, USA alongside the remarkable Salish sea and her equally remarkable people. She runs Silly Dog Studios with husband Daniel, Eva the dog, and Joe, Bella, and Batman the cats beside the chatty trees of Brakenwood forest who suggest that Silly Humans Studios would have been a more apt name for their home and business. Lori has written eight books of creative nonfiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction/poetry hybrids on the subjects of finding work you love that the world needs, turning empty and underused spaces into community spaces, remembering and being sustained by your artist self, noticing the deep-fierce gifts within caregiving, encountering the unshaken wonder at your core, and recognizing yourself as part of the playful elder community.

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